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Hi everyone,

Not sure if anyone is able to help me out with this one but I’ll put down what I’m looking for anyway.

I have a google sheet that is updated on the hour by my ESP with campaign results and metrics. I am trying to get this google sheet to connect to a board and drop in all the info.

Using Zapier I managed to link them both together and zapier will create a new item when i new row is created in the google sheet.

Ideally, I would like all of the columns to receive the hourly updated column values for rows that already exist in both monday and the google sheet. So basically, a live feed of info from google sheets columns to monday columns.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

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Hi @WTagreen!

I think what could help here would be something like the webhook module in Integromat. Webhooks essentially subscribe you to an event (in this case, any updates and new rows created in your Google Sheet).

Once an event takes place, your webhook can then trigger another action (in this case, a new item to be created on your board or updating an existing item).

Could something like this help?

I see that Zapier also has their own webhook app, so perhaps you can utilize the Zapier one instead.

Hi @WTagreen,

I’ve built a little something that might help you out.
Login to this app with your Monday account, and follow the instructions.
tl;dr: You can connect a Monday board to a google sheet using the importDate() function.
Here’s a working example from the app:

Hope this helps solve your problem!


Hi @Helen , I’m trying exactly what you are describing via Integromat.

I have a table in Monday with different order numbers, these order numbers correspond with order numbers in the google sheet. Once the google sheet gets updated with an ETA date, I want to copy this date to the Monday sheet.

However I’m not able to get this completed!

various errors/mistakes I have encountered are that the web hook only passes the first item it finds on or I get the error message that Monday has ‘unexpectedly reached the end of the document’.

Any help, suggestions or advice is much appreciated!

Hi @Evert,

Do you mind uploading some screenshots of your setup? I’m particularly curious to see your configuration for the step in your Zapier flow. How are you formatting the data?

If you also want to show us the errors that you’re seeing, I’m happy to look through those too.

Hi Yoggie,

Just had a look at this and it looks like a one way single export from Monday board to CSV?

Is there anything that can be setup so this happens into a single google sheet at one point every day?

Also I was ideally looking for something that goes the other way. I am looking to import google sheet data into Monday on a schedule before my google sheet updates every hour.


Hi @WTagreen,
It is a one way sync, but it isn’t a single export.
Every time you’ll open the spreadsheet, or remove and repaste the function, you’ll get the current data from the board.

I do have an app for the scenario you’ve mentioned, but it’s a custom app. PM me if you want to know more.

Can the google sheet be updated without having to open it?

It would be great to chat about the other scenario :slight_smile:

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