How to Update board using Google Sheets

Hi! I tried to link Google Sheets to through Zapier, but I am having a hard time in mirroring the updates in Google Sheets to board.

  1. I tried to update existing data in the Google Sheet, it was not reflected in board.
  2. When I added another row in Google Sheet (data in different columns), it was reflected in board in 1 column only.

Is there a way to do it without scripts?
I am not well-versed in scripts. Or if API scripts is the only way out, can I have a sample script that I can work on?
I attached the link for the screenshots of my Zapier integration for your reference.

HI @AizaLiansing, welcome to our community!

Thanks for including the links to your screenshots-- definitely super helpful to see.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page-- are newly created Google Sheet rows being pushed over successfully? And it’s just updating column values that’s not happening?

Either way, I see that the Zap you’ve chosen is “Create item in” As such, even if you did update a row on Google Sheets, you would still be creating a new item in your board.

Would you consider utilizing Integromat instead of Zapier? I think this might make it easier for you to set up!


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Hi @Helen , thank you for the warm welcome :smile:
No. newly created Google sheet rows are not being reflected on the board and its also not reflecting the updates on existing rows.

I haven’t tried Integromat yet but I’ll also try this one. Thank you for the suggestion :smile:



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Hmm strange.

If you do want to go ahead and continue using Zap, you don’t need to include all of the values in the “Item Name” section:

Instead, you can only include the “1. Customer First Name” field like you have currently in your board!

You column values would also need to be in the correct JSON formatting according to their column types as dictated in this support article: Zapier JSON Formatting Examples – Support.

Lastly, make sure you activate “Developers Mode” in your monday.labs (can be found in your avatar menu) area to see the column ids for all of your columns!

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