Zapier/Monday Integration stopped working around 12 noon Eastern on 7/22

Hi Everyone,

I have 3 customers that use Zapier to land information from a standardized email in a board. As of 12 noon Eastern 7/22, although the zaps continued to complete successfully, the information stopped populating in My customers have all emailed support for both Zapier and and they are getting finger-pointing, not help. Does anyone have any insight as to what might have happened? I know that there is a new version of the integration connector, but I don’t see why that would impact current versions of the connector.

Any thoughts you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Yes. For all our clients too. The issue is with the new upgrade in Zapier app, the trigger data has changed. I got a response after almost 12 hours from support saying it will be escalated to dev and 2 business days and hence writing here.

Till a few days back, there was a version app too so users could choose while creating a new zap. Today that is no longer seen and all zaps are failing. Main issue there is no event root tag in triggers and pulseid is renamed to itemid in responses. And to edit the zap, it would be required to reconstruct the zap

Request to dev to revert to two versions of the Zapier app as it was till a few days.

Hi @viverito and @Shilpa,

This is a known issue, and we’re gradually releasing a fix in v2.0.2.

If you’d like to manually upgrade to the fixed version in Zapier, shoot my team an email at and include the email address associated with your Zapier account. We can manually push the new version to you.

The issue in question is that existing Zaps that use the “Create Item” and “Change multiple column values” actions in Zapier stopped working when going from v1.2.3 to v2.0.1. The JSON column values are no longer pushed to monday successfully.

We’ve got a fix ready, but will release it gradually to ensure it works as expected.

@dipro So the accounts you make the change for, it will immediately be restored to the earlier working version and we just need to rerun the failed zaps? We do not need the new version for existing zaps at all as that would be breaking/reworking the zap.

Till a few days back there was an option to choose the version. Will that be restored or do we at any point need to rework all zaps for anyone who has used Zapier with Monday?

We have around 15 clients we need to do this for, so need to be sure

Hey @Shilpa – the new version (v2.0.2) of the “Create Item” and “Change multiple column values” actions will work for both JSON values and the new column inputs.

Therefore, it should be backwards compatible for both Zaps that stopped working, and Zaps that you rebuilt.

Hi @dipro

Our zaps are failing on the “Update Item Column Value (Legacy)” step, FYI. Thanks for the update.

@viverito - I see. I’m afraid v2.0.2 only fixes the “Create item” and “change column values” steps.

For those legacy actions, you’ll need to rebuild them as they are not supported anymore. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Oh wow. That’s a bummer. They are not going to be happy. It’s a big hit for a small business to have to pay a consultant to rebuild code, and on such short notice, too. Thanks for the update, though, good to have a final answer to the question.

Thanks for being frank about it. I can’t promise we’ll update any legacy zaps, but we’ll take this feedback to our team.