When will Zapier work with API V2?

I use zapier but only integromat seems to work with V2 currently. I’ve done some testing and integromat allows me to do things I can’t with zapier, like search boards for pulses with certain column results. When will Zapier have the same level of functionality too? Just wondering if i can avoid needing an account with both Zapier and Integromat.


Hi @Jack :wave:

Thanks for reaching out - Scott here! :slight_smile:

While I’m unable to provide a specific ETA as to when API v2 will work with Zapier, I’m happy to let you know that this is something that we’re aiming to have available in the not-too-distant future :muscle:


Hey Scott, Appreciate you can’t commit but are we talking weeks, months or years? :slight_smile:

Hi @Jack,

With the disclaimer that I don’t know for certain and this very well might change without notice, my educated guesstimate is more along the “months” timeline :slight_smile:


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Hey @Scott-monday.com!

Could you also let me know when Zapier with work with API V2?

We use Zapier quite a bit for Monday stuff and would love to see what possibilities are available once the API V2 is supported there! Thanks!

This will be a pretty big update, so I’ll be sure that we properly announce it! :speaking_head:

I’m really looking forward to learning about how you all utilize it. I have no doubt y’all will come up with some amazing workflows once we release this update into the wild! :slight_smile: