API v2 is here!

We have big news!! Today, API v2 was released to your accounts! Excitement overload - check!

What does it mean?
v2 of our API is built on GraphQL and allows you to do much more than what was possible in v1, most importantly, you can now update every column type using the API! This means you can build your own integrations with monday.com much more easily and without limitations on the kind of data you can feed into your boards!

How to get started?
The documentation is still at developers.monday.com which has now been updated for the new API

As you can see, we’ve dedicated an entire category here in the community forum for answering questions about the API (https://community.monday.com/c/developers). A monday.com developer and a customer success manager will be answering you there to make sure you get the best assistance! Please look for answers to your questions or post new topics there before sending an email to support. It’s also a great place to share integrations you’ve built with the API and how it’s impacting your workflow :slightly_smiling_face:


When is the Zapier update to make this useful?