Zapier and the New API


That’s an exciting step to release the new version of the API! When will the new Zapier integration be released?

This is really what we need the new API for and we don’t really have any use for it other than Zapier.
Specifically these updates to the API:

  • Search Monday - Monday can’t replace spreadsheets without a search function. I think this is an extremely core feature that needs to be added to Zapier as soon as possible. Monday’s functionality is extremely limited without it.

  • Update multiple parts of a single pulse with 1 API call. We use the overwhelming majority of our entire Zapier plan (expensive) on updating monday. If I want to create a new pulse, change a status, and set a text box to something, that’s 3 API calls. If I did that in a Google Sheet, it’s 1 to update all 3 things. It’s so expensive for us the current way, so when is the Zapier integration going to reflect this part of the new API?

  • New columns - The phone and email functionality of monday are cool, but not useful without it working with Zapier. When we bring new phone numbers and emails into monday, it’s via Zapier. In its current form, I can only bring those things into monday as text boxes, not email or phone and as a result none of our data works with any of the email / call features you keep building. We need a way to automatically bring in data to the right place and not just to text boxes if those features are going to be useful to us.


Hey @Patrick! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

At the moment, our Zapier integration is still based on our REST API (v1). I’m working with our dev team to figure out what the next generation of our no-code integrations with Zapier would look like, so this feedback is super helpful! We don’t have any specifics on what our next Zapier integration will look like at the moment, but the good thing is that we’re starting from a blank slate :wink:


I love the fact of a blank slate but sometimes that means a very long time. Does this mean services like zapier and integromat won’t have v2 for at least a year?

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I think it’s disappointing that the Zapier update doesn’t seem very concrete. All of these responses from people that work at monday indicated that the Zapier functionality would have been better months ago, but now it sounds like the Zapier update hasn’t even started. This costs us a lot and I feel like we’ve repeatedly been told this would soon be fixed. To put this in perspective, we have to pay Zapier more on a monthly basis in extra tasks only used specifically for monday than we pay for our entire monday plan because monday’s Zapier integrations are so much more limited than other project management solutions and even Google Sheets.


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If this is the case I’m out. I’m not going to continue to be strung along for months on end with empty promises anymore. This is costing us hundreds per month and there’s plenty of other options.

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Hey Patrick! Dipro here – thanks for holding us accountable when it comes to the new API and Zapier. We appreciate the feedback, especially when it comes to ways that our product can serve you better.

We know that a ton of our users rely on no-code solutions like Zapier and Integromat to build custom integrations, and making sure these users can make the most of the APIs new features is a priority for us. That said, I do also want to stress that there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to deploying a Zapier integration and it may take a little more time.

Monday’s release of the new API endpoint was just the first step in our plan to expand the ways our platform can support folks who want to connect to the other software in your workflow. Next steps for us are adding the functionality to Zapier as well as expanding what you can do with our GraphQL API.

We’d hate to see you leave, so I’m going to reach out to you over email so we can chat about how we can support you best.

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Hey @Patrick,

Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear your excited about the new API!

We’ve reached out to Zapier and Integromat with the update about our new API and asked them to switch to the new API, we will update as soon as we know about when they are going to switch to the new version.

As for your requests all columns are supported in the new API and soon the option to update all the column values in one API call will be available as well. We’ll forward your feedback to Zapier and ask them to make sure its implemented that way.
As for the search, it’s not in place yet but we’ll be working on improving the API and add this option as well as we move forward.

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That definitely sounds more promising. Please understand these services are necessary because most people using Monday are not code efficient and need something to tie all our needs into your software. Some can figure work arounds but the time learning these skills as well as learning mondays format cost many company’s money without any added productivity. Actually you could argue that I begins to do the opposite. So my point is Patrick’s concern isn’t the minority. I believe we all truly love Monday and appreciate the work you guys put in but our frustration stems from not being able to utilize all the features you guys have worked so hard to provide within our daily workflows.


Hey @Miltime19 – definitely hear you. We’re working on the Zapier and Integromat integrations; it’ll require us to rebuild the integration from scratch but it’s a priority for us :slight_smile: We’ll post an update when we’ve made the transition!

*Following for Zapier updates as well.

Hey @Thao.SFE and @Miltime19 :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know that we’re working on the Zapier integration – I’ve gotten a chance to check out an early version of it and I think you’ll like it! Still don’t have an exact ETA because it will need to go through Zapier’s review process, but I did want to let you know that it’s in the works.



Zapier has a way to send beta invites to customers who want to use it early. These beta invites don’t need to go through Zapier’s review process. Can I get a beta invite and give feedback?

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What about the integromat? I know they have a v2 out but it’s not really functioning correctly such as they are pulling the dropdown column as an “Id” so you have know options to grab the actual text. Which this was possible in v1. Also the formula column isn’t being pulled either :,(

Hey Patrick! I don’t think it’s ready for user testing just yet, but I’m looping in @Ayelet – she’s running point on this and will be able to give you the best context.

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Hey @Miltime19 – the formula column is not supported by our API just yet, since it is calculated in the client. In terms of your other question. Integromat creates modules for supported apps internally, so I’d reach out to them directly if you have feedback on particular modules.

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Our zapier integration is not complete yet (column value changed triggers are not available) but we would love to get your feedback as a beta tester.
If you are interested in trying it out, email our support team at with the subject line “Zapier API v2 beta access request”

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Hi @Ayelet, yes please! I sent an email to that address, but I’ve been having issues getting the responses from Monday’s support address even though the support team is responding. I just wanted to let you know I definitely want to test it in case the response from support disappears.


Hey @Patrick, how’s the new beta Zapier integration going for you? Worth signing up to get beta access do you think?