Zapier cannot retrieve board column data from API


Currently Zapier cannot access column data within boards. I’ve shown screenshots below of the only fields which can be called and viewed within the app for any unsuspecting users who may be looking to adopt with the understanding they will actually be able to use Zapier to automate things - you won’t be able to currently! A ticket has been raised with but so far no response. Zapier stated that the issue is at side. See below images:

Hi @Finacta

Welcome to the community. Are you sure there is a issue with Zapier and Integromat? I just tested one of my existing Integromat scenarios and it is working perfectly fine. See history output.

Hi Basdebruin,

Thanks for challenging this. You are right, I’ve re-checked Integromat and it is OK, apologies. However, Zapier does not appear to be OK. Maybe it’s user error because I don’t see other folks complaining about this, but I cannot seem to retrieve column fields within Zapier. I’ve edited the original post accordingly.

Thanks !

From what I have seen, Integromat has a more complete implementation of the monday V2 API than Zapier.

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Hey three @Finacta :wave:

That does seem quite odd! I’d have to agree with @JCorrell, to me personally Integromat seemed like the option that would provide more features is and choices in your case. Just to clarify your Zapier issue here, what kind of column are you trying to query? It seems to be a Status column, is that correct? I want to make sure I’m not missing anything so I can test this on my end as well.

@basdebruin thanks for stepping in and sharing your results, I’m glad to see this helped move the post forward. :slight_smile: