Zapier field access limitations

Is it just me, or does it seem like gives Zapier extremely few fields to pull from? I can’t access the email or phone number fields when creating a zap. This seems super basic.

Hi @landboss I am not an expert on zapier, but the few times i have tried to use it I noticed the functionality was limited in regards to
I use integromat for all of my custom integrations and while the learning curve there is a little steep, once you get the hang of it. I really think it is a much better tool than Zapier… really for anything.

Hope that helps

hi @landboss

Both Integromat and Zapier integrations are based on webhooks (just like the integrations listed here). Webhooks fire on column change events or new item events and send only the change to the receiving party (in your case Zapier). In that change information you also find which column on which item is changed and you need to use that columnid and itemid to retrieve information form any other column on your board.

So, it requires some extra steps to retrieve information from you board that is not part of the webhook data that is send over.