Mailchimp via Zapier

I have two problems with the built-in integration with Mailchimp. It’s well-documented that nothing except the email address itself transfers over. However, I also expected to update Mailchimp if a subscriber address changes and it does not. If I change an email address on my board, it only adds the new subscriber rather than upate.

So I read that a Zapier integration would be better. I’m having difficulties:

  1. I have a similar problem with the native integration: updates in result in new subscribers appearing. is not providing the previous email address for Mailchimp to use. (I have made a custom sync to mailchimp before and I am desperately trying to avoid that due to time constraints.)

  2. Even if I am willing to live with the lack of updates, I am not finding a way to map Status columns in to Groups (Interest Groups) in Mailchimp. Mailchimp’s built-in CSV importer can translate this just fine, so if I export my board and then import everything loads exactly as expected.

Is anybody willing to share how they’ve overcome these?