Mailchimp Integration - is pulling in other fields possible?

I have set up a Mailchimp integration that says if a contact Email is added into Monday, then add it to a List in Mailchimp. It does pull the email address through and creates a new contact into Mailchimp, however, that is all it pulls through, not the Contact Name at all. So then I would have to manually go into Mailchimp and edit the profile information of the new email address to add the First Name, Last Name fields, etc. Is there a way to get the Name at least to pull through along with the email address? I would love for tags to pull through as well but it appears that is not possible either.

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Hey @MjReid! I am afraid this is a known limitation of the mailchimp integration. Currently for that specific recipe, only the email column will push to mailchimp. I can definitely see how this causes an inconvenience for you and will take your feedback on board. In the meantime, I’d recommend looking into third party integrations for (i.e. Zapier?) to achieve this! You can use our external integration with Zapier, that will help integrate with a wide variety of software using our external API.

You can refer to this article for more information:

I hope this helps in some way!

Hi, I am new to this integration but it seems a strange limitation. I have been advocating for my employer to rely more on and integrate with Mailchimp. But there is no detailed information about what the integration actually delivers. Now we are at the testing stage and find it does not do what we need.

Can you advise whether setting up the reverse integration will bring field data FROM Mailchimp into
Many thanks

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Update - no the reverse is not effective It creates an item in the board, but loads all the fields into the ‘item name’ column.

How on earth are people actually using with Mailchimp? Can anyone provide examples of effective use?

Even if you manage lists and segments in then push the email address to MailChimp, how can you send from MailChimp without the name field?


Im running into this same issue. I need to use my merge tags to grab column info. Monday emails are plain text (snoozers), so ive turned to integrating mail chimp so i have decent professional looking emails for my business. Now ive found out that it wont pull in columns to chimp so i cant tag my info to automate. So ive bought a year of monday, now if i want to email, i have to buy mail chimp, ohhh yeah… and zapier too! Other suggestions welcome, if anyone has ideas.

Hi Jason, I read that now has an integrated email campaign system but only for particular plans.

The monday mail system is NOT and “integrated email campaign system” - at best it’s a ‘bulk emailer’ that has NO support for any html content or formatting. It can only use your gmail or outlook account ( with associated per-email and daily sending limits ) It’s also limited to sales CRM only (arbitrarily to squeeze money out of Users it seems)

The mailchimp integration is LAUGHABLE. Can’t even send merge tags, can’t subscribe to Groups …

Because email is an essential part of a CRM, I would not recommend monday to any future clients trying to build a CRM.

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Hi there, what’s the latest on this? The limitations make this essentially unusable, so why is it advertised as a possible integration? I understand that Monday is prioritizing its own faux-CRM setup, but given that Mailchimp actually has a pretty robust API there’s sort of no excuse for advertising that this integration exists and then … not having it be a real integration. How do we signal that this is something people need?

Hey @iat,

I appreciate your feedback on this. I have shared your comments directly with the team in charge and will update you as soon as I get a response.

Thanks for your patience @iat ! I’ve chatted with the team and at this stage, we don’t have concrete plans to expand the integrations functionality - I apologise for the setback here! That said, we encourage you to post this as a feature request in our developer community to put greater emphasis on the need and get other community members voting → monday Apps & Developers - monday Community Forum :pray: