How to make a Status change in monday trigger any action from 1000+ apps in Zapier

Hey all,

Here’s a way to extend monday’s functionality with Zapier by making Status updates the trigger for any workflow. monday has a native Slack integration that lets you post a message in a channel when you change the status to X.


Create a new Slack channel that is only going to be used by monday’s integration bot. You can mute the Slack channel so that you don’t get notifications. Slack is free if you aren’t already using it.

An example of how we use this is to turn off cold email follow ups from people that expressed interest either on Linkedin or when we called them. I change the status in monday, that sends the person’s name to the Slack channel and a new message posted in that channel is the trigger to unsubscribe them.


You can use this to trigger any app in Zapier and you can use different statuses to trigger different workflows from the same board.

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Thanks so much for sharing this @Patrick - keep 'em coming!