Slack Notifications

I would like to use the Slack Integration/Automations to send a notification to a Slack Channel. When I send this notice manually, the user being notified is shown as a hyperlink and they are notified thru the Slack application as having a message to be reviewed.

I have successfully set this up, but the user who I want to be notified does not appear in the message as a hyperlink and they are not notified in the Slack application has having a message to be reviewed.

I would also like to be able to remove the “View the pulse on” hyperlink as it is not needed for my particular use.

Hi @Penguin! Thanks for reaching out to us about this Slack question. Our Slack integration doesn’t support the mention of people in the messages and due to the nature of the integration - there’s not an option to remove the “view this pulse in” - can you let me know the use case here? I’d love to be sure our product team understands the pain points here to see what we can do going forward. Cheers!