x Slack Integration as Notifications - Turned off already but still receiving them

Hi folks! I have integrated my board into Slack where I will get a slack notification when the date of an item is arriving in x days and on the day itself. Due to the excessive account usage this caused, I turned all the integrations off but I am still receiving the notifications.

Another thing to point out though is that we are getting the notifications not from app (as it used to appear) but from my own name. So now I am confused if these notifications that we are receiving are still related to integration with Slack or something else.

Will really appreciate any advice / turn around on this! Thanks in advance!

Hi Rochelle,

So you will need to check and make sure the integration is removed from any board. Likewise, you need to remove it from Slack: Remove apps and custom integrations from your workspace | Slack

Have you done that?

I have not done that yet because we are just pausing it for some time due to account usage and will want to turn the integrations on again after some time. But let me try that if that can solve the issue for now.

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I think I found the culprit, it’s not Monday but integration with Zapier. Deleted it and will wait for the result!

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