Use slack to change item status

Is it at all possible to update the status of a Monday item from slack without opening Monday?

Currently, our work flow is:
Copy added to Monday → Status: Ready for Review → Editor is notified in Slack with a custom notification message that includes the link to the google doc being reviewed → Reviews, indicates approval in Slack.

So, currently, the editor never opens Monday. I am aware it’s not a huge life to ask them to do so, but wondering if there’s more to this integration that I’m not aware of.

Hi Emyli,

Yes, however that functionality isn’t natively supported as far as I’m aware. Most of the native integration is built for creating updates and notifications or for creating new items.

A simple way to achieve this would be using something like Zapier: Connect your to Slack integration in 2 minutes | Zapier

You’ll need to create some kind of custom rule or definition in order to allow for updates (i.e. define a specific trigger command and logic). This will be the key challenge—how can you define which item to update?

Other tools are available and if you’re looking for some help setting up an integration, feel free to get in touch.

Hello Emyli,
We are in the midst of launching an app called Slack IntegratePlus for which will allow you to take action on notifications that you receive. We plan on supporting changing the status as one of the notification actions. Would love to hear what else you’d like to accomplish from Slack. Our app will be in the marketplace early December 2023.

Hi @Emyli we’ve recently launched an app called Slack IntegratePlus for that let’s you use Slack to change an item’s status (and so much more)!

Kindly give it a try. It’s free for a full 14-day trial. Should you have any issues, kindly let us know!