Turning a message in slack into an item in Monday.com

Use case: A person/App posts a message to slack. This message would be useful as an item in Monday.com. Current behaviour is to copy the message text, use /monday, paste the message in the dialog that opens. open monday.com get the link to the item and paste that to the slack thread, get the message link from slack, go back into monday.com, and paste the slack link into the item update.
Solution: add a message shortcut to the slack integration that makes the message the body/first update of a new item in monday, and allow you to specify a new name for the new item.
Additional value:
post the item link for the new item to the slack thread of the message where it was created.
Also have the slack link to the slack message posted as an update to the newly created item.

I want you to add this feature!

Yes, this would be very helpful!

Hi @ashvds, @ttasaka, and @jake_s: as a monday.com Platinum Partner, we’ve recently launched an app called Slack IntegratePlus for monday.com that let’s you achieve exactly this (and much more)!

Could I request you to please give it a try? :smiley: Kindly let me know if you need any assistance getting set-up. Thanks