Creating a zap integration between and Halo Solutions


I want to be able to set up a trigger to fire off a zap when a particular status is selected in monday but I can’t seem to find a way to do it. The only way to trigger a zap is if any value is changed in the column not if a particular status is changed. Is there a way to do this>

Also is there a way to get the doc to be come over in a zap as well?

Thank you in advanced

Hello @Maximus !

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Regarding your question, you could use an integration that sends a webhook when a status changes to something:

And you could then use that webhook in Zapier to trigger the desired action:

Please let me know if this works for you!

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Hello Matias,

Sorry to come across a bit stupid but I have created the webhook but how do I select that webhook in zapier?







Hi @Maximus !

There are no stupid questions here!

Long story short, a webhook is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information. It is a callback that “lets your app know” when something happens. In this case, when “Halo” changes to “CREATE”, a webhook will be sent to the URL you provided. You will need to listen to that URL so that you get the payload from the webhook. I have not used this in Zapier but from what I can see, I believe you can choose the option “Catch Hook”:

Which should create a zapier URL for you. And then use that URL as your webhook URL in Monday so that when the trigger occurs, the webhook can be sent to that Zapier URL and that can trigger the action.

As I said I do not count with a premium Zapier account to try this at the moment so I can’t assure this will work as intended, but it looks like it could be what you are looking for.

Please do let me know if this works and if you have any more questions!


This is really useful thank you!!

Last question and then I will leave you alone. I have now setup the webhook and I can test it which is great but the only issue is that the webhook payload isn’t bringing over a lot of information from the board. How do I choose what information comes over from monday?

Hello again @Maximus!

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The payload you get comes from the event that is triggering the webhook. You can get different information with different events that trigger the webhook. For example, if the webhook is connected to the creation of an item, you will get stuff like the board ID and the item’s ID. If it is connected to the change of a status to something, it will also include things like the text of the status option and it’s color.

If you want to get information that is not in the payload, you could get the payload, find the item ID, and use that to query for the information you want, using our API.

Does this make sense?

Please let me know what you think!