Updating Email Columns via Zapier from Active Campaign

I’ve spent a crazy amount of hours trialling Monday.com vs Asana before I commit to one or the other. Asana / Zapier integrations work seamlessly, but Monday.com is dementing me and I need help. I am simply trying to zap email addresses and phone numbers from an Active Campaign platform to manage leads in Monday.com.

I keep reading about using JSON code to house the required data, and I find different formulas for allegedly the same function (in Monday.com and Zapier advice). None of them work. I can get the name of the client across to create a new item, but cannot get their phone and email address across.

The advice I get (which doesn’t work) is to embed the link in this code: Email Column - {“email” : “email@email.net”, “text”: “My Email”}, so for my link it would read
{“email” : “john@johnsmith.com.au”, “text”:“My Email”} - doesn’t work.
And for Phone:
Phone Column without Country Flag - {“phone”: “5555555555”} - doesn’t work

Then Monday advice from other support notes tell me I should use this one -
{\“email\” : {\“email\” : \“example@example.com\“,\“text\“:\“my email\“}}“)

This didn’t work either, although when using this, the whole code line came in! Without an error message.

To add to the confusion, placement of the link to the phone no only worked occasionally, then not.

Feeling very frustrated - can anyone help unravel this problem for phone nos and email?

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