Json for column data in Monday zapier integration

I’m a non-coder and was trying to setup Zapier integration for my Monday.
I build list in GetResponse and wanted to push the contacts to a Monday board and create items for each contact.
Everything works fine but I’m stuck in mutating the column data. With zapier I can directly create an item for each new contacts in Monday but whenever I try to add column data(e.g. email, phone) it doesn’t work.
I tried to use the format mentioned in the API v2 documentation(I’m using API v2) but it didn’t work.

I badly need help on how to do this. Currently I’m pushing all the data in Item ID but I need to start automation in Monday and for that I need to mutate the columns.
Thanks in advance.

Can you share the columns you’re trying to update via Zapier, and an example of what you tried? Happy to help here.

Thanks for responding so soon!

Please tell me if I need to provide any more data.

When I use the same format in change column data action it works. But it won’t work for me as in that case I have to select an specific item first.

Awesome. You’re almost there – you need to include the column ID on the left hand side of the colon, and the full column data on the right hand side. You can get the column ID by enabling developer mode in monday.labs and then clicking the column dropdown menu:

Try this (“email” is the column ID in this case):

{"email" : {"email" : "dipro.b@monday.com", "text" : "Dipro"}}

Perfect! It worked totally fine!
Thanks a lot!

Just another short inquiry.
{“email8” : {“email” : “test@email.com”, “text” : “testName”}} {“phone4” : {“phone”
: “+4412341234”, “countryShortName” : “DK”} }

This code returns an error 500. How can I edit multiple column?

The JSON value of the columns is constructed wrong. You need to separate the values with commas, not curly brackets. Try this:

{“email8” : {“email” : “test@email.com”, “text” : “testName”}, “phone4” : {“phone” : “+4412341234”, “countryShortName” : “DK”} }
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Thanks a lot! It worked perfectly.

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I am trying to resolve similar issue, so I decided to post this question here.
I am trying to pull out phone number from shopify and put it inside phone column. I’ve tried
using your input above to do that. It worked for me when I tried with email address, but when I use phone record it shows error 500 in Zapier an do not transfer data to monday. I tried to do that without any Zapier variables (fixed phone number as showed above).
My phone column id is “phone9” and my JSON value is:
{“phone9” : {“phone” : “+48555555555”, “countryShortName” : “PL”}}
Are you able to tell me what is wrong?!
Zrzut ekranu 2020-06-3 o 17.10.23|690x331
Best regards to all!

Hey @goldenrush – can you share the error you’re receiving in Zapier? A screenshot would be awesome.

Hey Dipro,

I’m trying to populate my my group withing the board with a new item from a webform (WiX in particular) and integrate the form contents in various columns of a new item. This code did not seem to work, are you able to assist me? See below:

{“long_text6” : {“text” : “FIELD1”}, “long_text_1” :{“text” : “FIELD2”} }

  • “long_text6” is column ID number 1

  • “FIELD1” is a field within the WiX form

  • “long_text_1” is column ID number 2

  • “FIELD2” is another field within the WiX form


I can get it to work but to only populate 1x column, I’m not sure how to populate various columns.

I’m having trouble sending across a date to Monday via Zapier.
I’ve tried different formats and nothing worked.
What is the correct format to send it across?

Below is the test results of my latest attempt.

The app returned “Internal server error”.
{“date” : 2020-06-12}

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I’m having the same kind of issues where I can only port 1 item over. None of the other information will come over. Hopefully someone can help with this.

Hi there folks!

I’m trying to send Facebook Leads data into MONDAY via Zapier.
I keep receiving the 500 error.

Can someone please help me into identifying what I’m doing wrong. Is is the syntax? Is it the variables used from facebook which contain weird characters? I have no idea.!

Column ID’s:

  • Phone = phone
  • E-mail = e_mail
  • Ad Name = tekst2

I tried doing this:

“phone” : {“phone” : ”FacebookPhone”},

“e_mail” : {“email” : "FacebookEmail”},

“tekst2” : {“text” : "FacebookAdGroup”}


And also this:
{“phone” : {“phone”:”FacebookPhone”}, “e_mail”:{“email”:"FacebookEmail”}, “tekst2”:{“text”:"FacebookAdGroup”}}


Schermafbeelding 2020-07-08 om 07.51.09|690x403

It feels like there’s some bugs with the Zapier + Monday.com integrations. I’ve tried for over a day to build an integration updating data from a Google Sheet into a Monday.com board. However I would get tons of errors, and even when the Zapier eventually ran successfully it didn’t populate all the columns that it was set to.

Would be nice with an update from Monday.com team on this. Support didn’t offer any help.

The Email column is wrong. You need to specify both of the values.
{“phone” : “phone”:”FacebookPhone”, “e_mail”:{“email”:"FacebookEmail”, “text”: “FacebookEmail”}, “tekst2”:{“text”:"FacebookAdGroup”}}

You also do not need the {} around the phone number, it is just for some special columns such as email, longtext, dropdown and a few more.

Hey Thomas! Thanks for the feedback! I tried it with your example but the error stays the same.