Integrating Better Proposals and

Hello Community,

I’m trying to build a Zap between Better Proposals and, so that each time a sales rep creates a proposal it automatically gets added to Monday. Therefore, I want to create a new item in a board and set multiple column values.

I believe I’m correctly following the JSON format from, but I just can’t get it to work. The message I get is The app returned “Internal server error” , but when I try to update one column at a time I have no issues.

In this simple line with only two columns to be updated, could you tell me if something seems wrong to you?

{“status”:{“label”:“Proposal”}, {“estimated_value”:“mapped to a Better Proposal Value”}}

The column ids are correct, I made sure that there were no extra { and } (I think), what seems to be the issue here?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @lvledoux :wave:

Will you please let me know which column types you’re looking to fill via the Create New Item step in Zapier? Are these, perhaps, a Status Column and a Text Column?

I did some testing on my end and I can confirm that the below works to create a new item and set a value in both a Status and a Text column:

{“status”:{“label”:“Proposal”}, “text”:“Hello world”}

While I’m not entirely sure what column types you’re using, will you try the below JSON? I updated it to match my known working column values JSON above :slight_smile:

{“status”:{“label”:“Proposal”}, “estimated_value”:“mapped to a Better Proposal Value”}


Thanks for your help Scott. The second column is actually a numbers type, the first one is indeed status. I tried with your format and it still doesn’t work for me.

I also tried to change the numbers type column with a text type to see if maybe the issue was with the number type column when trying to edit multiple columns at once, with no luck.

Turns out the integration was updated between the moment I started working on it and when that error happened. I simply had to reconnect to, the formatting was updated and I could proceed without errors.