Create item in via Zapier

Hello Community and team members,

I spent far too many hours trying to implement a new integration. I have read all the documentation about setting up an integration via Zapier to create a new item in our “Lead-In” board. I keep getting errors and need help.

I don’t write code and I really need to achieve this. I have previously set up a similar integration with Insightly, but I can’t work out how to do the same in

Simple screenshots of what to put in the left and right columns would help if anyone has these.

Please see attached screenshots of what I am trying to do.

Your help to restore my productivity is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Hi @ajmelbs

I can’t see exactly what column type you get this error on but it lokks like a date column. Have you tries this example from the developers page? This escapes the double quotes within the string you are sending as JSON.


Hey there @ajmelbs :wave:

I am so sorry this has been a bumpy road for you so far, and I do hope we will be able to help you as the community :slight_smile:

From what I’m seeing, I do have to agree with @basdebruin - it seems like the data you are trying to send is not something that can accept due to the way we format our Date column data:

Instead, it’d have to be something like this:

  • Date Column with No Time - {“date”: “2020-12-03”}
  • Date Column with Time - {“date”: “2020-12-03”, “time”: “13:25:00”}

Does that make sense? Perhaps Zapier’s support team can also help you out with achieving this result at this point.