ScheduleOnce and integration in Zapier - JSON issue

Our company is trying to integrate ScheduleOnce and in Zapier. Our vision is that when a client books an appointment through ScheduleOnce we want their information to show up as a new item in When a client books an appointment they have to fill out a form with their information we want that information to be put into the column we created on our board.

I am stuck on the JSON part in the integration. I have read the document that shows you how to do it and I have looked at other peoples posts in the community. I keep getting a “internal server error”. Can you help me?

I attached two photos with my JSON code and error message.

Hi @shirst :wave:

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First, can you confirm that the text columns you’re interacting with are Long Text column as opposed to Text Columns? These 2 different column types require different formatting per the documentation you referenced. This is an easy mistake to make, so I think it’s worth starting there!

If you’re not sure, you can always check the column type within the column header’s menu:

Additionally, will you please copy and paste your column values JSON from within your screenshots above? This will make it significantly easier to poke around and troubleshoot with the JSON :muscle:


The “how can we help” is the only one that is a long text column.
Here is my JSON code:

{“phone” : {“phone” : “{{93655731__CustomerMobilePhone}}”,“countryShortName” : “US”},{“email3” : {“email” : “{{93655731__CustomerEmail}}”, “text” : “Email”}, {“text3”: {“text” :"{{93655731__State}}"}, {“age”: {“text” :"{{93655731__Age}}"}, {“marital_status”: {“text” :"{{93655731__Martial Status}}"}, {“text8”: {“text” :"{{93655731__Occupation}}"}, {“text”: {“text” :"{{93655731__Top Concerns}}"}, {“how_can_we_help”: {“text” :"{{93655731__How can we help}}"}

Were you able to figure out why this isn’t working for me?