Problems with zapier webhook connection

Hi guys, i m trying to connect my monday to zapier but i keep getting errors in zapier, i m trying to add custom info to new rows in monday dinamically, but always get this error, anyone can help? thanks

Hi @tiportiamoclienti, welcome to our community!

Ahh yes, so our Zapier integration is a bit tricky. Do you mind letting me know what the column you’re trying to update is?

Is it a phone column? Or a number column? This will determine the structure that your data must be formatted in in order for the column to accept it.

To check what type of column you’re looking to fill, I would first make sure that you have Developer’s Mode turned on from your monday.labs area. Then, make sure the column ID (which I see you have elected to be “numeri”) is correct.

If you have validated all of this, make sure you’re finding the correct format for the column type as specified in our Zapier formatting article here: Zapier JSON Formatting Examples.

Let me know if you’re still running into trouble

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