Zapier Date issue

I really didn’t think it would be that hard adding a date to a column from Zapier.

I have tried every possible value combination. But zapier keeps telling me the date format is wrong.

This is what I entered and this it should be. And the error I keep getting.

Hi @JasonS,

I believe you need to format the date into a JSON value.

The value needs to be sent to the monday API V2 in this format: "{\"date\":\"2019-06-03\"}"

Zapier has a format function that you can use to parse this value.

Hi @mitchell.hudson

I have tried your formating and still not working?

I believe Zapier takes care of turning your value into a JSON string. Can you try removing the additional quotes around the outside (and the backslashes)?

Basically, try this date value instead:

{“date” : “2019-06-03”}