Using Zapier with API v2 - update column value with DATE


I’m using Zapier to take info from a Keap Pro Internal Smart Form, to set up a series of events in Zapier.

I am using API v2.

I can add new items to boards, create an update, and update most columns for the item created without any issues.

The only one I am struggling with is the date column.

I can see these instructions:

  • Date Column with No Time - {“date”:“2020-12-03”}
  • Date Column with Time - {“date”:“2020-12-03”,“time”:“13:25:00”}

But the date format I get from the form completed in Keap Pro doesn’t give me a date in the required format above!

This is what I tried, which failed:

Any ideas on how this can be automated… or is there no way to reconcile the date format Keap Pro gives me with what needs? The Keap Pro date format does work setting a Zoom meeting date, so I am hoping there is a trick to getting it to work with!

You’ll need to add a step in Zapier to correct the format.
This should help.

I have a problem with getting the format out. I followed the instructions you refer to, but they didn’t work.


LEGEND @mannymonday - worked perfectly. Thank you

Hey @mannymonday,

thanks for helping out. Really usefull resource :slight_smile:


@mannymonday LEGENDARY! thank you for the assist! Glad this is still helping out the community :slight_smile: