Json code for splitting column data from Squarespace enquiry into Monday.com using Zapier integration

I’m a non-coder and but have followed a previous post on here to try and find a solution to setting up Zapier integration for my Monday.com.

I have created a new Zap so that when a new enquiry is received via Squarespace enquiry form, it pushes the enquiry to a new item in Monday.com. This worked, but all the fields were entered as one single update,.

So I have now added some Json code to mutate column data but I am getting an error code.

The names of the columns in Monday, and corresponding column ID, plus the Squarespace field entries they need to correlate to are:
Name - name6 - 1.Name (first name) John and 1.Name (second name) Smith
Email - email - 1. Email address (test@blah.com)
Workstream - tags3 - 1. Tick all categories that most relate to your area of interest or work
Notes/ Enquiry - notes_enquiries

I will add some screen grabs and really hope there are wizards on here who can check where I might have gone wrong with commas, brackets and speech marks. Thanks so much in advance :slight_smile:

Howdy @AliceP :wave:

It looks to me like you’re super close! :slight_smile:

Working off of your second screenshot, as it’s the closest to the proper formatting and contains static data you can test with before adding in the variable merge tags, will you please try this formatting and let me know if it does the trick?:

{“email8” : {“email” : “test@email.com”,“text”:“testName”}, “phone4”:{“phone”:“4412341234”,“countryShortName”:“DK”}}


Heya @Scott-monday.com

Thanks for your quick response. I realised that the last screenshot was actually from the previous post on this forum which I was using as a guide, so it isn’t relevant to my Squarespace and Monday.com integration. Below are the column values and Squarespace form fields, this is screen grabbed, I’m not sure how to get static data?

Zapier support also suggested setting up a 3-step Zap so when a new enquiry comes from Squarespace, it creates a new Item in Monday and updates multiple columns. This is what I have done (screenshot below)

For the Board ID, it asks for Item ID, and only allows me to select and update an existing item, rather the new one being created.

Any ideas on what to do?