Support ticketing system


Is anyone successfully using Monday as a support ticket system?

If so would you be able to share your setup? Spending a fortune on Zendesk and would happily accept an inferior setup as long as it worked reliably


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hi Ben, @handsup

It all depends what kind of functionality you expect from such a system. I have an app that assigns agents to tickets automatically. In a newer version of the app the group of agents is listed in a group and when an agent set it’s status to Available the next incoming ticket will be assigned in a Round Robin fashion. What are the key functionalities you are looking for?

Thanks. Key functionality for me would be:

  • Turn initial emails to support@ email address into an item
  • Email conversations with client about each ticket managed from within Monday
  • Status changes and notification to item owner when client replies
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@handsup - Are you planning to have your clients be Guests on the support board? Will each client be on their own board or in one combined board? I’d be happy to chat with you about how we moved from a WHMCS ticketing system years ago to monday․com, and it works great! You can book a time here: Book Polished Geek: more with

Really interested in peoples experiences on this one as I’m trying to setup a similar process… A mail redirect from your mail platform to the board email address is simple enough to achieve your first aim but I’m most interested in how you could tie an email conversation to an item (if you can). my concern would be that the replies would still be sent to your support mailbox and would either be ignored by your mail forward rule or would create new unlinked items. Point 3 seems easy if you can cover point 2 :slight_smile:

@mark.hay here is another forum post that discusses the email tracking bit: Integrations with outlook: Full recording of email conversations in pulse updates - #12 by jackjack2202

I haven’t tried tracking full email conversations in items, but am interested to do so. If you try out the app or find a different method keep me posted!


Hi @timlittletech , check this out - CommuniHub App for emails and activities – Support

Seems to be a free built in app - works as a widget in the updates section and tracks emails to and from. I’m only starting to play with it but seems to do what i want - can also trigger automations to set status, start time tracking and assign to agent. pretty good on the face of it!

Let me know how you get on or if you find something better


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awesome. thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely get in there and play with it. would be a big win for me and clients i have set up for.


On the face of it maybe, but unfortunately doesn’t work as required right now.

The one thing that does seem to work is threaded replies within the CommuniHub tab, but not much else. e.g.

  • The initial support ticket is an item update, but any replies have to come from the CommuniHub tab, so to include the original reply you’d need to cut and paste

  • Every subsequent reply also creates a new item as well as the threaded response, making for a confusing mess

  • I couldn’t make the status change automation (from email received / reply) work

So in short - it’s a start but I wouldn’t recommend using this just yet. Hopefully improvements are coming!

Sorry to hear that Ben, definitely worth a play as worked ok for me with no real config. You just need to remember to launch your communications from within communihub - it BCCs the item so replies appear there and to make life simple you can add the automations from within the settings on the commuinihub widget.

Hey @Handsup!

Another way to go could be using forms: then you could use take in each support ticket as a new item.

Then, from there, you could CommuniHub! You could also use this Outlook or Gmail integration recipe to make each support ticket a new item:


From there CommuniHub should be simpler.

Can you tell me what status change automatino you were looking to use? I’d be happy to help.

Did anyone find a good solution for this? i’am struggling with the same issues that @handsup listed…

@5less Welcome to the Monday Community!

There are definitely ways to setup Monday to function as a Support Ticketing system. Can you share some details regarding your workflow and how you expect it to work? With that I can at least point you in the right direction for board setup, apps/integrations and automations you may need.

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Hey @andrewalmand,

Thanks for your reply.

At the moment, clients connect with us via which is a shared mailbox in Office365 and I reply via our email client.

I want to store the conversation in monday, so I connected my account to and registered the “automation” that creates an item for e-mails sent to this address.

As some other users pointed out earlier, the conversation is saved in “Updates” so I will need to copy/paste the message to CommuniHub before replying. Also, any new replies to will create a new item in the board as well - not updating the existing item.

I want to be able to reply and receive answers in the CommuniHub tab to support the clients.

Please let me know if I was unclear in my description.


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Hey @5less :wave:

I am wondering if perhaps getting rid of trying to use the Gmail/Outlook Integration altogether might be helpful for your usecase!

Specifically, if you were to follow Talia’s original suggestion of having all initial requests come in via The Forms, you can add in a required field for The Email Column so they can input the address they want to be responded to on.

From there you can use the Emails & Activities app (Previously Communihub) to send your response and have all replies for that thread remain within the same updates section rather than also creating new items with each response!

Does this make sense? Do you think this could work for you?

@handsup as well, if you believe you’ve found a response that solves your initial question, remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!


Hey @jennap,

Yes this is a solution with The Forms. But my requirement is to capture all the direct sent emails to our support address. Lot’s of customers use this instead of the contact-form on our website.

Could solve this by any chance?

Hei @jennap,

Did you understand my requirement for this to complete my Support ticket system?

@jennap, so if @5less cannot use forms to capture Email address but can deliver it somehow to Email Column, Emails&Activities app will still work, right?

Hi @5less and @ilia510 :wave:

In that case, while there is no way to pull information from an email into different columns on your board, you can continue to use one of the Email Integrations to capture the email itself by pulling it into The Updates Section.

From there, you can manually add the email address to The Email Column and use it as needed to send direct emails through the Emails and Activities App (previously CommuniHub).

The Emails and Activities app also allows you to log any outgoing emails as needed if that helps:

I hope this helps!

@handsup - remember to mark the relevant reply as the solution as well so that anyone else who finds the thread can easily find the answer they need :slight_smile:


Thanks, @jennap. I have a way to get an email address to email column automatically.

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