Duplicate items with email integration

We’re new to Monday.com and have set up a ticketing system for our customer care department. As only one user can have the same email account, our entire customer care team logs into the customer care account, but they each also have personal accounts so tickets can be assigned to specific people. Tickets are populated in one of 2 ways:

  1. Email being sent to our customer care email.
  2. Form submission using our service request form.

Our problem is that when we email someone who has submitted a request using either format, any new response that we receive creates a new ticket. The response email also appears in the original ticket so we have to manually delete the new ticket and update the status of the old one. We get a lot of emails and this is time consuming for my team. We’re hoping there’s a way to simply update the original ticket and change the status so we know there’s been a reply without a new item being created. If anyone knows if this is possible and how to set it up your help would be hugely appreciated! Thank you!