Using instead of service now?

Does anyone have any ideas on how we can use monday instead of service now for customer requests and back and forths? Open to ideas. Thanks!

Hey @aaysc

I’ve successfully set up tiecketing type stuff with a simple email integration from Monday OR if you want to capture replies to the same thread in the ticket I’ve used integromat and the gmail thread is to have new email replies post to the same/existing ticket.

If you just use the Monday integration you either end up with duplicate items / tie it’s for the same thread or all the updates go to the same inbox.

The third option is to use the ,email updates to pulse address but you must add the users i to Monday in order for the updates to get added. Which is not ideal and in my opinion unscalable for most ticket tracking use cases

Hey there! If you’d still like help with setting up customer requests in your monday account, shoot us an email at! Thanks :blush: