Email replies with ticket email link

Hi all. Newbie to the Monday system and hoping someone might be able to help me understand something I thought might be a common requirement, but I just can’t find.

I’m looking for a workflow that would enable a new ticket to be created via a Form submission where the submitter gets an automated email response that includes an email link back to the ticket they can reply to. The logic here is for any customers ( users) to be able to submit a ticket and then be able to reply to the ticket’s unique pulse ID via email to send attachments or updates to tickets.

From what I can tell, this isn’t possible. I can send automated emails and I can even get individual ticket pulse ID’s but it doesn’t seem possible to create a workflow where you can combine the two and send an automated email with a return email address to reference in the response.

How do customers get to update ticket requests without this simple functionality? What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions / feedback.


In the email, you can add the following to provide a URL to the item…
https: // [] / boards/{board.ID}/pulses/{pulse.ID}

(remove the spaces and change the address in the link! Ive just added so they show here correctly)

If you want a EMAIL reply, not sure if this will work, but go to the board, open an item, choose WRITE UPDATES VIA EMAIL and copy the SECURE address… you should have something like this…

… paste it in to your email automation as:
mailto: [mondaydomain]pulse{}

I havent tested the email option but I think it will work.

Finally, other option would be to send the email from Make instead of Monday … this allows you to replace the reply address, but could cause issues with anti-spam systems.

Hi Matthew. Thanks for the response. Much appreciated. I’m going to investigate the Make option to see if this is viable.

Thanks again for your suggestions!