Email or Notify when an Update is posted


In our board we are bringing in our Support Tickets, and this has an Email Column, which is the email address of the customer. When an Update is posted on the Pulse I want to automate an email to that email address with the update. Is this possible?


Can I automate updates to send to an email address ? If I am approaching the requirement from the wrong angle I would be happy to change it.

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Hi @GarethBeesley! I’d love to learn more about your workflow - are you already using our email integration? Currently, we don’t have a way for updates to be sent out via the email integration but I’m curious what you’re after to see if there’s another way to accomplish this within your board of support tickets! Cheers!


I found this feature request thread which is very similar to our needs.

We also are using to receive our support tickets directly. We use the Outlook integration to create a new pulse on a board. These pulses are then assigned to our internal staff for action and communication back to the requester.

Currently we have to manually add the requester’s email address into an Email Column on that board. We would really like the ability to populate that Email Column directly with the requester’s email address during the integration event.

Updates are created to the pulse via the cc PulseID when emails are sent and received from ‘known’ registered email addresses. Unfortunately, this isn’t practical for our organisation as we receive support requests from many different people in our customer businesses and it’s unlikely that they would want to ‘register’ just to send an email to us.

It’s so close to being ideal for us, it’s just these two features that we find limiting.

Hopefully these can be addressed :crossed_fingers:

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Hi Laura,
I have only seen your reply now, I had notifications off - ;-(

However, the simple version of the workflow is

  1. Tickets received in Zen Desk
  2. Zen Desk to Monday - Creates pulse, with some details (Zen Desk auto responds)
  3. We then will work on this ticket , IE Accepted, In progress, Est Date of Completion etc
  4. On each of these changes of status I would like to email the requester of the status update or change about their ticket
  5. The ticket will be updated upon close from Monday to Zen Desk where Zen Desk will send “Ticket Closed” to requester.

Could you suggest a method that would work?
Thank you for your input

Hi Karen,

If we could add in emails from a requester that would be absolutely ideal. Right now we are doing it manually, as there are not a lot, but this would soon become a manual task costing us time.

So I would second your request, if indeed seconding is a requirement :- :wink:

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Hi @GarethBeesley! This can be accomplished via the email integration for each status label. We are missing the component of the ability to add the email address of the person writing in - this could be a great improvement for our email integration so I’m happy to pass this along. If you have any questions regarding the set up of your email integration email us at! Cheers!