Creating a real IT Service desk (send Updates by mail)

Hi, I’m currently helping a client with her monday setup.
One of their Usecases is an IT service desk. There’s a template for that and we’re using that already. Just adjusting it so it works like a real Service Desk. Unfortunately I was almost shocked to found one missing feature in outlook integrations: “Send updated to email in email column”.

But so that you guys can understand this lets start from the beginning:
A user raises a request using the built in form. Here we use the email field as identifier as not all users have monday accounts.
The Helpdesk takes that request and process it further.
Now here comes the problem. All communictaion should happen through that ticket, so if the guy in
the Helpdesk has a question he should be able to write it in the ticket. As in create an update. This update should be sent out to the email in the column, which doens’t work now.

Then the reply comes back from the user via email using the Outlook integration “When and email from this email column is recieved add as update”, which works fine.
Then after doing the work the ticket can be closed.

So here we clearly miss that integration to send updates to emails in email columns, which seems very basic.

Can you add that please?
If I haven’t mentioned it, all this should be using outlook in this case. :wink:

Great user case. You’ll bump into another problem for which I’ve yet to get it resolved. Here is the post … Integration Email - Replies go into Multiple Pulses

The problem without solution that you will be faced with is this:

The integration “When an email from this email column is received add as update” works ONLY if there is ONE unique email in the board. Meaning IF I XYZ@XYZ.COM appear more then once because I happen to have several IT issues and for each I created a form, EACH time I reply, THAT one reply will appear on all of the PULSES that have that EMAIL. So the integration doesn’t work well when the email appears multiple times in the board. what the integration should READ is this … “When an email from this email column IN THIS PULSE is received add as UPDATE IN THIS PULSE” but it’s not. With that said … I wish you the best!

Yeah that is true, That issue will probably popup at a later point as well.
We just couldn’t test it fully yet as that one crucial feature was missing.
But thanks @alejencia or mentioning that here.

However as emails to that address seem to be pushed to all pulses its seems to be workable for that usecase. Not nice, as you have to delete multiple if necessary, but workable.

But without a way to talk to customers from the board the whole usecase of an IT servicedesk is impossible to realize with monday. (Unless of course all users are in monday already).

So guys at monday if you want to have a template for that usecase, this feature of sending updates to email adresses is crucial. :wink: