How to fully automate direct email Service desk solution by extracting email addresses from email updates

Here is a cool trick for how to enable IT service desk solution get requests directly via email without the need to copy and paste email addresses into a board column

  1. Install Gmail or outlook integration “When email from this email received, save as it as an update”
  2. Install Extract integration “When new item is created using email, save sender name and email address”

From now on every email that will land in the board, will create an item, Extract will extract the email address and sender name and automatically add them to the item.

This is the missing link that can enable you to switch from zendesk, freshdesk, zohodesk and others and manage you support and IT service desk workflows on

Here is a short video demo

Any questions? PM me for help.

Hey @Nir-Jetpack

Thanks for sharing! I’m sure this will be really helpful for our users!

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