Outbound emails from outlook recorded in updates

Hi All,

I’m looking to see if there is a way to add an outbound email inside an item’s update.

We want to use Monday.com as a CRM system, and email clients from outlook.
I’m aware I can CC in an update on a board. But this isn’t really useful for us.

At the moment when a client emails us in, it automatically adds this as an update.
Is it possible to have this when I email a client from outlook the outbound email is automatically updated.

I understand there are workarounds and emailing the board or the updates email address, but we aren’t really interested in workarounds, we want to know if the system can do it directly.

Really appreciate the help. Thanks.

Hey @michael1, thanks for posting!

When I use an email integration to send out emails, an update is automatically added to my account. Is this not the case for you?:

Were you using an email integration or sending out these emails some other way? I’d love to learn more!

Hi @TRB-monday.com this is really helpful, I must be potentially doing something wrong.

Im using the outlook integration. if you don’t mind, could you please explain to me how the integration is worded, maybe I am missing something.