Outlook Integration - a NEW recipe for OUTBOUND emails

Hi everyone,

I’ve been dabbling with the creation of a CRM system on Monday. really please with how its all turned out, the flows are great and the automation make everything so much simpler… I’ve run in to a problem though!

One of the key elements to any Customer Relationship Management tool is being able to communicate effectively with the customer/account, whether that be over the phone or on email.

In this case the problem I’ve run into is the lack of one recipe within the outlook integration.

What I can do
It took no time at all to set up the outlook integration and attach an automation to the board which will add an update to a pulse anytime somebody sends me an email directly where their email address happens to match the email on the pulse.

What I cant do
The current issue is that if I send someone an email, there isnt a recipe to do the reverse of this. so I get an update from any inbound but nothing from any outbound and im sure you’re all aware its important to follow the full communication stream.

The Fix
Its super simple! this is because you’ve already done all the legwork to create the initial integration and other recipes… all we need is a recipe that will add an update every time you send an email outbound from outlook that matches a specific criteria in my case it would be when the “to field” in outlook matches the Pulse column “email address”

and suddenly we have full visibility off all communications outbound or inbound via email updated in one space!

Hi @ben.armytage

Thanks for sharing this with us in such a detailed manner! I will pass this along to the team for consideration as we make future improvements. In the meantime, something you can do is CC’ the pulse email address in emails you send to customers from your Outlook App. Check this out: Sending an email to monday.com

Hiya, did you happen to have any success with this? Our company is looking to use Monday.com as a CRM, but can’t get outbound emails to be automatically added to updates? Thanks