Problems with Outlook

I for the life of me cannot seem to get my Outlook to work with Monday. My Gmail acct. does, but not Outlook.

I do have the correct Outlook and have been back and forth with Monday support. They looked at things on the backend and they do not see any errors from their side. Per their recommendation, I’ve disconnected/unsync my Outlook. Still the same. Also tried with a different Outlook account from one of our team members, with same results.

I do not get any error messages or anything and to test things out simply have been using the “When an email is received from this email column is received, add it as an update” integration. Got on too with Microsoft last night thinking maybe some permission setting on my admin console. Since I am receiving the test emails on my Outlook (but not integrating with Monday) they think it’s something to do with Monday’s API.

Posting out there to see if anyone has had simliar issues, and any thoughts or work arounds. Thanks!

Hey Bill,

Sorry to hear this - we can certainly understand the frustration…

To confirm, is this issue happening for all Outlook recipes or this specific recipe? Given that our support team have investigated this issue without resolution, we are happy to escalate this further… We’d also be open to hearing if any other users have worked around this same issue, however if it’s an issue on our end, it is certainly our responsibility to look into this. Are you happy to share your email with us via private message so we can take a look at your correspondence with support?

It appears that way. There are two recipes that pertain to receiving an email both of which do not work. I tried another one that would send out an email based on a status change. That one showed up in the conversation update, but the actual email was not received. I can certainly send you the correspondes.

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Bianca, how do I send you those emails?

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I’ve just sent you private message! It should appear as a notification in the top-right hand corner (where your avatar is located) :slight_smile:

Got it thanks! Here is the latest email. Should help to better clarify as i made a Loom video to show specifically what I am doing/seeing.

Hi there, I went ahead and made a test board for this. Here is the Loom link

Here are two item link based on the attached screen snip:

• Item Link Circled in Red Where Teams Get Work Done
• Item Link Circled in Blue Where Teams Get Work Done

I can certainly hop back on a Zoom call to review more.

Thanks for sharing Bill.

So it appears that the primary issue here is specific to these 2 recipes:

  • You’re not receiving an email when triggered within the platform
  • When receiving an email it fails to appear in the updates section

Can you please confirm that the outgoing emails are not appearing in your spam or junk folder?

Can I ask that you send an email from your Outlook app instead just as a test this? I’d like to see if the behaviour changes - for example, does the email appear as an update?

Thanks for your help :pray:

I here that MS exchange may blacklist my domain if I complete mass mailing using our exchange server.

The exchange server limits are as follows:
1- 10,000 recipients per day
2- 500 email recipients per email
3- less than 30 messages per minute.

how do I make sure that mass mailing function from the CRM does not cause issues with MS exchange servers.