Outlook Integration - not seeing emails in Monday.com

I have configured Outlook integration for our CRM board, so all my users can send emails through Monday.com, but I’ve found that it links existing emails within their inbox, associated to the email address as in Monday.com.

I’m finding now that specific users email accounts aren’t bringing over messages from Outlook, despite being linked. I did test this with my own email account and it did connect to previously sent emails. But this isn’t happening for at least one other use.

Am I missing something?

Hi @Hyperjase,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues syncing your Outlook account!

Just to clarify, have you synced your Outlook through the emails + activities app, or through the native integration? I ask this, as the issue could potentially be linked to the settings of the App. If you can confirm this with us that would be great.

Additionally, when you say previously sent emails are linking, am I correct in understanding that these exisiting emails are appearing either in your board, or in the emails + activities app?

I look forward to hearing from you so we can get this resolved.


Hello Bianca,

I Have been using this through the emails + activities app, I don’t know of any other way to make this work.

I have just checked with one our users and their emails aren’t linking, despite having connected via the emails + activities app. When I have tested previously with emails I have in my own inbox, these link correctly - so currently I have an issue that I cannot understand. My emails appear to link fine, but another user doesn’t.

This is becoming a high priority and if I’m unable to obtain an answer here, I will have to open a ticket to get this figured out.



To further add to this, having looked at a Lead which the affected user is an owner of, their emails appeared linked, but on another Lead, there are no emails, despite having sent and received emails from them.

Thanks for this information, and I am really sorry to hear your team is experiencing issues with the app.

In full transparency, given that emails are pulling through on one lead and not another (for the affected user), I do think it might be best for you to escalate this issue to our support team, in-case this is indeed buggy behaviour. If you’re able to, please ask the affected user to reach out to our support team via support@monday.com with any additional insights or screenshots/screen-recordings, and the team will be able to escalate this to our technical support team to investigate.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!