Outlook Emails - Persistence in Monday.com

We are using the Outlook integration, which is majorly helpful, as most people don’t actually send an email through Monday.com, only via the Outlook desktop app.

I have been testing the Outlook integration and I’m still a little confused by some points.

So I have a number of questions:

  1. What happens to integrated, associated emails, if a user’s Outlook account is deleted?
  2. Are integrated emails persistent in Emails & Activities? I have tested sending an email to a Lead with my email address in, it still shows in Monday.com, even when I delete from Outlook, including deleting from Deleted Items.
  3. Even if I delete my test Lead record in Monday.com, but then re-create it using the same email, all my previous emails are re-linked, even when deleted (as point 2). Does this mean that emails are stored in Monday.com, so will always be visible under Emails & Activities?
  4. Should emails sent through the Outlook desktop application be recorded in Monday.com? I only ever see received emails.

I want to ensure that we don’t risk losing data, if we do have to delete a user’s Outlook account (this does happen).

I currently have the automation set up to log an update when an email is recieved, but I’d prefer the email trail to show under the Emails & Activities