Outlook Emails - Persistence in Monday.com

We are using the Outlook integration, which is majorly helpful, as most people don’t actually send an email through Monday.com, only via the Outlook desktop app.

I have been testing the Outlook integration and I’m still a little confused by some points.

So I have a number of questions:

  1. What happens to integrated, associated emails, if a user’s Outlook account is deleted?
  2. Are integrated emails persistent in Emails & Activities? I have tested sending an email to a Lead with my email address in, it still shows in Monday.com, even when I delete from Outlook, including deleting from Deleted Items.
  3. Even if I delete my test Lead record in Monday.com, but then re-create it using the same email, all my previous emails are re-linked, even when deleted (as point 2). Does this mean that emails are stored in Monday.com, so will always be visible under Emails & Activities?
  4. Should emails sent through the Outlook desktop application be recorded in Monday.com? I only ever see received emails.

I want to ensure that we don’t risk losing data, if we do have to delete a user’s Outlook account (this does happen).

I currently have the automation set up to log an update when an email is recieved, but I’d prefer the email trail to show under the Emails & Activities

These are great questions as it is similar to mines. We just integrated Outlook to monday in hoping to not only manage the flow of emails coming in but to use the automations and direct each emails to the right source of help instead of bombarding one person with all the emails coming in.