Deleting irrelevant Emails from a contact

Hi all
I am new to and still exploring and developing our system.
I have a question, which I can’t find an answer to.

I have my Outlook connected to, but sometimes irrelevant mails are synchronized as well, and it will eventually clutter op the overview.
Also, there is the possibility for confidential mails from my CEO to the chairman of the board, who is also a customer, which also are going to be synchronized, if my CEO chooses to synchronize his Outlook.

So, my question is: Is it possible to either choose what can be synchronized, or delete mails from in the Email & Activities board on the Contact?
Is there a functionality which can do this, or an automation who could work?

Thank you!

Hey @AnikaF,

At this time, it is not currently possible to delete emails from the emails and activities app. Our team is aware of this limitation and apologise for the setback here! That being said, it is possible to better customise which emails are pulled into the app via the settings:

Perhaps an idea could be option 2, to only sync emails that have your monday address bcc’d?

Additionally it is also possible to edit the default sharing settings so that only you (or the person whose account is connected) can view the emails?

I hope this helps!

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Are there any updates on the functionality to delete emails? It is a BIG limitation.

I will check on this with our Product Team and get back to you! :pray:


We are in the process of rolling out our new Emails and Activities infrastructure which supports the deletion of emails. This improvement is currently in gradual release so you might not yet see it in your account. That said, I will confirm when the feature has been released to 100% of accounts :+1: