Emails and activities

We are still new to Monday and trying to get it set up. We are using the Work version of the software. I am looking to integrate each of our emails and be able to track all communications with the clients through their boards. do we need the CRM addition to do this? We were hoping to see all received and sent emails in each clients board.

Also if it’s in emails and activities is there a way to turn them into a task without going to the board first? When we tried that every reply would show up as a new task.

Hi Tori,

There are a couple of questions here.

First off, I think all emails sent and replied as a item is a bit of a gamble. is general purpose organizational software, but it isn’t a mail client and if you try to make it act like one, you’ll probably run into a ton of issues.

The Emails and Activities widget is super powerful and it’s a great way to communicate without leaving as a Work OS. (Although it’s still not a dedicated mail client)

Could you rephrase the last question? I can’t understand the issue or your expected behavior from what you’ve written. Should it be an item or not?

We were just hoping to have a board then have the emails go to that board with attachments under the emails and activities. Not necessarily emailing through Monday. It would be through outlook. We’ve tested it, but the problem is the attachments don’t come through and all of the sent emails aren’t there either. I just want it to be more of a reference if anyone in our team needs to see communications to the clients.

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