NEWBIE : Email management (Email and activities?) - Can we push content to the widget?!

Hi everyone!

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I’m a broker (insurance, investments, and mortgages) and currently receive many emails from generic email adresses (or previously unknown senders) with updates on my cases (head office, supplier, risk assessment firm; generic do-not-reply for updates, and random affected users per firm).

After watching a few videos, I thought I needed the Emails and Activities to consolidate emails, calls, and meetings for items.

Is it possible to ‘push’ these emails into the emails and activities widget of a selected deal manually, and reply from there? Or a magical outlook plug-in?

What are the email management possibilities within And what could be my best bet?

Bad ideas I’ve had :

  1. Create a sorting board for incoming and outgoing emails to link manually to tasks (went back to 1998).
  2. Use the Email to board feature, but it simply adds an update, and I cannot reply from there. I have to keep all tasks at hand to add BCC to my sent emails, and again to push the response…
  3. Manual entry : If I dont need to reply, as add to emails and activities widget manually, otherwise I copy and paste into body and write my email from

Thanks for any insight!

Hey @pdoyon,

Thanks so much for your question! We completely understand how confusing it can be when figuring out the most effective way forward when setting up your workflow, so we will definitely help as best we can to get this sorted for you.

Based on the information you have shared, it does indeed sound like the emails and activities app might be most suited. What is most important to understand about the app, is the settings, as this will essentially allow you to centralise all or specific emails in each item, to which you can then reply to directly from the app.

If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend having a read through the support article to get a base understanding of how the app works: Emails & Activities on

A key takeaway from the article, that I believe might be relevant to you, is that if an email column has been set up in your board, the app is able to pull and consolidate emails from only that specific email address (into the item), which allows you to keep track of correspondence with specific stakeholders across the associated deal, project, etc.

I hope this has made a little more sense, and please let us know if you require further details :smiling_face:


Hi Bianca,

Thanks for the reply!

I still can’t get my head around linking emails to an item efficiently.

Example : Ordering parts from multiple places for one project.

From :

Hi, the red item you’ve ordered is no longer available, would you like green instead?

Response ; No change order to blue.

What would be the best way to include this communication AND my reply? Is the only way to copy and paste into emails and activities and write the email? Imagine ordering from the same place for different projects, how can I link appropriate emails and responses?

Should I be considering pushing all my emails to a board and ‘connect’ to appropriate item? I still connot reply this way.

The other option is to forward the email the item as an update. Takes a lot of time, and I still can’t respond directly to the email.

What am I not getting? Isn’t this standard in CRM solutions?

Hey @pdoyon!

Just wanted to jump in here with an additional suggestion for the Email & Activities app.
I’d recommend checking out the settings for the app - you can find this via the cog icon:

From here, check out the second tab - you can use the settings in this tab to have all outgoing emails added to the app, or you can use an email address in the BCC.

Unlike using the Email to board feature, this should collate all emails from one email address into the same item, and you can then go ahead and respond directly from the app!