Emails & Activities Feature not showing client replies

I’m setting up the Emails § Activities feature on my item card to be able to send emails and receive replies from clientes, the feature is working great for sending and showing if the emails has been seen, however when my client replies on that same thread the reply is not showing up on the widget.

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Hi @paupau!

This might be to do with the app settings. Are you able to check and ensure you have selected correct setting, relevant to how you’d like to log emails?

That said, if you’ve selected the correct settings on your end, I’d recommend reaching out to incase this is a potential bug, as email replies should be logging into the app without an issue :frowning:

Hi Bianca,

I’m considering switching over to Email & Activites from a series of custom automations that we have set up to track client emails.

One thing that is unclear to me from Monday’s documentation is whether or not Email & Activities can/will capture emails that I receive from a contact that are not a reply to an existing email that I’ve sent them.**

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Hey @max, good question!

To confirm, all new emails (outside of an email thread) will be logged in the app. Any replies to any email sent from the app, will be lodged within that same thread, however any of those new emails will be logged as a new activity in the app.

That said, please do ensure you have your settings configured correctly - i.e. in my case, the top option so that all emails are logged. Alternatively, if you’d only like to receive specific emails, ensure that contact is aware of the address to BCC in their initial email.

Let me know if this makes sense!

Thank you, Bianca! How do you configure which columns the email and activities app uses as the recipients for a given item? Does it automatically log emails sent to any column that has an email address? Does it need to be a connect boards column that corresponds with a Contacts board, or how does that work? Sorry, but I checked out the documentation and this wasn’t clear to me.

No problem!

If you have an email column set up in your board by default the app will log all emails from that client (email) in that specific item. You can have more than one email column set up too. On that note, mirrored email columns are supported, so if you’re mirroring the email column from a contacts board into the current board, this will also work in logging emails from that specific address.

I hope this helps clarify :+1:

Hi Bianca, I reviewed this thread and made sure that my settings were like yours but am still not seeing my clients replies show up in emails & activities thread. It only goes to my outlook inbox.

Sorry to hear this Allison! Would you be happy to send me a private message via community with a couple of screenshots of the steps you’re taking so I can take a closer look? :pray: