Feature Request: Emails & Activities visible in mobile app

It would be great if the activities within ‘emails and activities’ could also be visible from the mobile app

Seconding this. Would love to be able to send emails using my templates from the mobile app. Would save me and my team a lot of time!


Just came here looking for this as well!


Add me to the list, even just sending emails from mobile, no templates, would be a great start!


Is there any response from the monday team?


100% agree. We would greatly benefit from this, any one have an update from Monday?

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Emails & Activities should be supported on Mobile for IOS or Andriod. We have all our Notes there. We can’t use the app if this feature is not supported.

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Congratulations. Email and activities is now visible in mobile all and our community had a part in its creation!

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We are looking forward to seeing how you implement these features into your workflows. You can also check our monday sales CRM category to keep up to date with the latest sales CRM features!

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Hi Juliette,

I’ve sold a client a solution based on this functionality and this thread, only to find it’s not actually available on mobile.

Is there a timeframe for when this will actually be available to use?

Thanks in advance.


It’s July 5th. Monday app on Android when selecting the ‘Emails & Activities’ tab:

“This view is currently unavailable on mobile go to desktop to view it”

This is not a solution but a false promise. Please correct your post.


it is accessible but only if you have a CRM account, which is sad…

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If you have CRM then you can view emails associated with items in the mobile app. Sending email however is through the default mail app on your phone. So you cannot send a reply in a conversation like you can on the web.

And on boards outside the default installed CRM board this functionality is completely absent, even if you have a CRM seat.

It’s very disappointing that Monday is not more open about the restrictions of some features.

Same with the Google drive integration. If you want to choose a file from one of your drives, you get an unordered list of all directories on all drives. So this is basically useless when you have a substantial number of drives and files.

I don’t understand why Monday sells this as a feature while this is obviously still very much in beta. Lesson I learned is to take Monday promises with a grain of salt, and try to test all functionality that is key to your processes before you buy and start a lengthy migration.


Why is this feature request marked as resolved, when all of the feedback i this thread clearly states that it is not the required solution? This request is a very reasonable one… if Monday.com is to be used as a crm tool, and the majority of people work on their phone as much as their desktop, then why wouldnt this be a feature?


But we want to be able to SEND emails and use email templates from the mobile app. :frowning:

But we still can’t send emails from Emails in activities in Mobile.
I am on iOS

Bumping this up! This topic is NOT SOLVED and needs to be a feature, atleast for us CRM users…

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Can someone confirm if Emails and Activities are available to (at a minimum) view by CRM users in mobile view?
The posts above are confusing.

I still do not see this option in my mobile view at all.

@Julietteb could you please reopen this feature request?

It’s still not available on mobile. As of 11th June, the Emails & Activities tab on the Android app shows “This view is currently unavailable on mobile go to desktop to view it”