Sending Emails from Mobile app IOS/Android

Hey Monday team and fellow users!

My feature request in a nutshell is: Being able to send emails from the Monday mobile app.

Most of our sales team uses mainly mobile to handle our leads etc. inside our sales CRM. I found 2 feature requests before that have been “solved”:

However this solution only makes it so that you can see the emails & activities on mobile but can’t send any emails.

Our sales team works with our dealers and customers mainly through email and a lot of times on mobile. Right now they have to either copy/paste the information from a lot of columns to Gmail etc. to send the information on mobile.

We implemented an automation that sends the information to their Gmail with a button that can then be forwarded, which works but isn’t ideal, as now no data is stored on Monday about the sent emails.

SO please add SENDING emails straight from Monday to the roadmap on mobile.

Regards, Oliver