Email workflow: how do you handle email on server/in client when using Email & activities

Currently setting up my system and am integrating Outlook. My mails are showing up on my board, but I wonder how do you handle the email on the server/in your mail client?

I am looking for suggestions on how to get the clutter away from the client, once an email shows up in Monday.
Only thing I can think of is just to auto-archive/delete on the server after a certain period.

Hey @Michael-PT :wave:

Are you looking for advice on how to manage the emails from your email inbox? I.e. after they’ve been forwarded to monday? If so, this is a great question and I look forward to seeing what advice our other users have to suggest here!

The only thing I would flag is not to set up any auto-forwarding (e.g. to folders), as this can cause issues with the integration and stop your emails from appearing within monday

Hi @Dani ,

Thanks for your response. That is indeed the advice I am looking for. I really want to get rid of the hundreds, if not thousands of mails. I don’t want to see them anymore, when I do open the email client.

Would you also expect issues with the integration if the auto-forwarding, archiving or deleting of the originals is done after they first were picked up by the integration? For instance, today it is entered in with an integration, and in 3 days it gets moved or deleted on the mail server.

For now, I don’t see mails disappearing from if I explicitly delete the mail from the server.