Write e-mails from Updatesection or capture mail from "Mail & Activity" as update

Hello together,

A customer of ours has a requirement to be able to write an email directly from the Updatesection, but needs Outlook to do so.

There is also the “Mail & Activity” tab. When I write a mail from here, it is not recorded as an update. It would be great if this is adjustable.

The basic idea is that the communication runs exclusively via Monday and Outlook is not needed in addition. Specifically, it’s about communication with external ones that should not get access to monday.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Franziska!

Your desire to streamline communication within monday.com, thereby eliminating the need for additional tools like Outlook, is well understood. The ability to directly send emails from the Update section, and having those emails recorded as updates, would indeed be a valuable feature.

As of my knowledge, monday.com integrates with various email providers including Outlook, but doesn’t fully support sending emails directly from the Update section and recording those as updates.

However, monday regularly updates its features and functionalities, so it would be beneficial to the community to support this feature.

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