Automatic element update - Reply email, Non Monday users

Friends, good afternoon!

I created an email forwarding routine for my clients, inserting a copy of the email address of the element inside Monday.

It turns out that the email that my team and I send promotes the update normally on the element, but when my customers respond, the element is not updated.

Is there any configuration to be done to allow the update of the element when answered by e-mails that are not inserted in my team, that is, registered within Monday in my team?

Am I facing a limitation on Monday or have I tripped over some adjustment?

If not, could you indicate a solution?

Thank you very much in advance !

If I understand you correctly, you are probably using an email address like this: to update the pulse. If this is the case, only emails sent from addresses attached to the board will be recognized.

To update a pulse from ANY email address, you must use this type of address…

You can find the proper addressing info for your account by going to your profile, go to email integration and copying the pulse address.

Emailing to a board works basically the same way.

thanks for the help friend!

However, it worked, another question arose that I was unable to resolve.

When the e-mail is sent by third parties who are not on the board, it updates the information, but does not contain the header data of the message (who sent the e-mail, copied e-mails and subject), has the ability to bring the information in the update?

Thanks again!

I agree that there is significant room for improvement in this area. I’m still relatively new to monday. But, I would suggest contacting monday support directly to request an enhancement.

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