Automated Pulse Email

I’m wondering if it’s possible to automate sending a pulse email (e.g. to a non-Monday user? That is, if a non-Monday user fills out a form that creates a pulse in Monday, in the automated email that they receive upon submission can it also include the pulse email address so they can then respond via email and have it go directly into the comments section?

Yes, you can do that, but you need to use something like in your email: item-{{itemid}} And the form liink would look like{{itemid}} . It will automatically fill the name field when they are going to submit the form.

I appreciate the response here. I am not entirely sure we are in reference to the same topic, granted I could just not be understanding.
A good example of my question:
I have a work order system I am setting up. We share a form, the form get filled out by external groups and we collect the information. I have an automation set up, to when the status is changed to “complete”, an email gets sent back to the submitter, to notify them of this completed task. I am also aware of the email column, you can click on the email and it will take you to your email and fill in the “send to” with their email and CC the pulse item. That pulse item, I would like to include in the automated email, so that when a completed item is shared, they can reply, and it will get posted in our updates section of that work order/pulse.
The only place I am seeing the pulse “email” is when you click on the email in the email column. Ideally I would be able to include it in the automated email to the submitter, that’s where I am unsure if that is possible.
Thank you