Item Created > Person Created > Email?

I’m trying to create a bit of automation but I seem to be stuck. I imagine it would be when a new item is created (e.g. John Doe) there would be a person created that could then get an automated email sent to them but it’s not working for me. Any ideas?

Hey - @thecza welcome to the community an extension of the family!

Can you expand on your use case? Is this new item a client or are you looking to assign a person?

I’m wondering if this will be a combination of automations or the use of Forms.

Thank you for your reply. Essentially, I’d like to create automation that whenever a pulse is created an email is sent to the email address within the email field. As it stands now, we can notify known people (team members, guests, etc.) but I don’t see how to set a trigger specific to outbound emails.