Conditional automations and integrations

Dear Monday Team,

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude for creating such a robust integration and automation system. It has significantly improved our workflow, allowing us to automatically create topics for tickets sent to us by our team members. The ability to streamline these processes has proven invaluable to our day-to-day operations.

However, I have identified a potential area for improvement that, if addressed, could make the system even more effective and efficient. Currently, every time a response is made to a ticket, we have to manually convert the new item into a sub-item. This is a process that can become quite tedious and time-consuming, particularly during busy periods.

My suggestion for enhancing the system involves the implementation of a conditional automation feature. More specifically, if a new item is created with a name identical to another item on the board, the system would automatically convert this into a sub-item. This automation would greatly reduce the manual labor and time commitment currently required, thereby improving our overall productivity.

I believe that many users could benefit from such an upgrade, and it could further solidify Monday as a leader in efficient project management tools.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. We look forward to your feedback and any potential improvements in future updates.

Best regards,

Gino Tomassi