NEED HELP: Production/Management/Sales (Filtering, Automations, etc)

So, I’ve hesitated to come here and ask for help! I’m determined to figure this out myself, but have been working on this for awhile. Someone that is new to isn’t doing bad, but coming from a CRM Contact related VS Task related is a hard one to understand! I like but wondering if this is right for my business? TASKS are HUGE as NO one in my business seems to follow direction so I feel this could be beneficial for my team. The part I struggle with the most is all the Boards I have to create or maybe i’m doing this completely wrong and why I’m here asking for y’alls help! There has got to be a better solution?!

Here is my Workspace.

Our guys door knock and what led me to as it says you can pinpoint your location and add a Lead. Still haven’t found that option yet under Map Views.
But, I created a Sales Pipeline Folder. In that folder:
Prospects (New, Attempted, Canvassing, but no Contact) Status (In Contact) to convert to a Contact
Contacts (In Contact & No Contract) Status (Ready for Build) to convert to a Job
Job (Pre, In, Post Production Jobs)

I think I have that down. Issue is Ordering. We are in a roofing industry & I’m a General Contractor. So we have all Types of Products that weneed to order. I just want to come up with a system when they select Status (Category B ) it gives them an option to choose Select Color Option (Z,Y,X) vs (A-Z) “Same Column Problem” Can’t find a filter or automation that can configure "When you select said status it only shows type filter to select from? If there isn’t such a thing, what would you suggest? It’s a long list of products? I have to do this, as we are limited on color options based on a category selected. They keep ordering colors that do not exist for that category type.
I feel I created Millions of boards, tried different ways, views, automations and I’m stumped on a solution for ordering processes. Not sure what other problems i’ll run into as this is as far as I have gotten into creating our flow :roll_eyes: :grimacing:
Pretty much our Flow consists of Managing Sales, KPIs, Goals, Targets > Contract Customer > Upload Contract > Order Materials > Work Orders to schedule jobs > Notify homeowner & rep > Pre-production (Permits, Inspections, Insurance Scopes, see if job is profitable) > In Production (Delays, Project Management, Change Orders, Errands for missing material, clean up property) > Post Production (Final Walk through, Customer Signs off Job, Pay Vendors, Invoice Insurance, Invoice Homeowners, Send reminders, follow ups, Collect Several different Checks [Insurance Claims], Receive All Funds, Budget Job with all Expenses & Payments Received, Calculate Overhead and see what’s left for profit to Pay our Rep. Then Send out Warranty Documents & Thank you Letters.
Still need to do HR, Recruiting, Directory. Need to be able to Calculate Estimates & Bids based on Material & Labor prices that change monthly.

I’m hoping someone just has an awesome Process & Workflow they do not mind sharing with me or a similar situation, but can mock what has worked and made it possible for you to do everything I have stated above! I hope this all makes sense.

More photos below of my Board Grid Views.

I think I pretty much figured it out myself. I just created different Form Views for Items that require special categories. Kind of a Pain but works and clean when our reps fills out an order for us.

Now if we can put Form fields side by side that would make it even better!

Hi @hward63 :wave:
Welcome to the Community!

At the moment, we do not offer dynamic fields (i.e. Selecting option A in the first question will then load up specific options for the second question), although this is a highly requested feature. I do hope we may therefore see it added to the platform in the future!
That said, it sounds like your solution to use different form views with the relevant fields is a great workaround in the meantime!

In regards to putting form fields side by side, I can definitely appreciate how this would be a useful addition to the platform for yourself, and I’m sure for other teams too, so I would highly recommend opening a thread in our Feature Request section.
Here other users who would also like this added to the platform will be able to upvote the feature!
You can find this here: Feature feedback - monday Community

Were you able to get the rest of your workflow set up, or did you still have any areas you were struggling in? We’d be happy to help you with this! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi @hward63 I’ve got extensive experience helping organisations implement CRMs that transfer to project/task management.

I totally understand where you’re coming from, and if you need a form with a dynamic field, I would highly recommend using jotform- there’s even a native monday integration to handle this.

If you’d like some additional help (sorry, I know you posted this a while ago) feel free to shoot me an email

Would love to see how you did this if you have the ability to share with me

Hi @hward63 ,

It looks like you’ve done a pretty good job with Monday. I’m also in the home industry (interior design and furniture sales) and I’ve found some helpful workarounds for task management and minimizing the number of boards I have.

Feel free to message me if you’d like to connect and I can show you how I manage things!